Our Vision

“To protect the health, human rights and fundamental freedoms that are significant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women through cultural preservation, health education and coalition building.”

Empowering Women to Advocate for Effective Policy

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance (NATSIWA) was established in 2009 to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women to have a strong and effective voice in the domestic and international policy advocacy process.

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Guiding Principles

NATSIWA’s Vision will be achieved through our Guiding Principles that will remain cognizant of the needs, heath, wellbeing and development, and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women.

  • Aboriginal strengths;
  • The need for cultural understanding;
  • The impact of racism and stigma;
  • Recognition of the centrality of kinship;
  • The impact of history in trauma and loss;
  • Recognition of different needs of communities;
  • The recognition of human rights and social justice;
  • Universal access to basic health care, housing and education; and
  • Equitable needs based funding.

Adopted from the National Aboriginal Health Strategy of 1989.

NATSIWA welcomes interest and support from both individual and/or professional organisations offering pro bono support.
If you or your organisation have professional services to offer in assisting our Alliance please contact us.

NATSIWA aims to work to advocate and empower the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women in Australia


Email: seniorprojects@natsiwa.org.au
Website: www.natsiwa.org.au

ABN 27 732 591 422